Restaurant in Barcelona: Paella with traditional lobster has its origins in coastal cities and is considered today as one of the national dishes of Spain.

There are many regional variations of this popular paella dish with lobster. While each restaurant incorporates different ingredients, they all share the same basis of toasting a layer of rice in the bottom of the paella pan, which is then left to develop and absorb all the delicious flavors of cooking.

Obviously, the best paellas with lobster are slowly cooking on open fires in restaurants in Spain, but you can still find some recipes that make a difference in cities like Barcelona.

The paella with lobster can be made with all kinds of ingredients but only the experts know and use the most suitable products to get the most suitable flavor.

The Ferrán Restaurant has a version with a touch of luxury and the addition of fresh lobsters.

Paella with lobster is, without doubt, the summer dish in Barcelona. Surely one of the best plans that we can imagine in the hottest months is to enjoy a day at the beach in Barcelona, ​​followed by the tasting of a paella with lobster, to be accompanied by a good rosé, white wine or a cava sangria.

The Ferrán Restaurant offers you a selection of the best wines to accompany paella with lobster that you will not forget. Reserve your table now!